Sunday, October 18, 2009

2 Months On.....

Is it really 2 months?? Life has been hectic, especially trying to fit everything in to a small time frame. This new postion has me working 25 hrs a week, however i have already amassed nearly 40 hours in time off,due to weekend work, and promotional activities. There are many facets of the job i enjoy, many i really dislike. The person who previously had this position has not made my position easy. Sadly, she failed to draw boundaries with many of the clients, so expectations on me are very high when it comes to their needs. Thankfully my boss is aware of the myriad of problems i am faced with, and is very approachable when i need to off load. I must make her aware of the concerns i have with the office coming into wet season. I fear the office is in a flood prone area of town and it will not take too much before me and its contents will be under water!! I am trying not to think too much about the wet season, given all the tsunami and floods etc in the world :(
I must try and take Tuesday off. I had forgotten how difficult it is trying to organise dental, eye, and doctors visits whilst working ( especially set hours). I need new glasses, badly. In a moment of madness, i purchased bifocals. Prior to having them, i was taking off my normal glasses to read ( i am short sighted) and it was driving me crazy. I was coerced into the bifocals.....stupid me. Within a few months of having them my eyes for reading had changed, i needed stronger lenses!!!
So this time, i will get a pair for normal use, and a pair for reading. At least then i can get the script change for the reading whilst my eyes are continually adjusting in that area.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are all well and life is being kind :o)


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