Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm Still Standing

Just checking in, letting you know i'm still alive, busy but alive. Things should resemble some type of normality by the middle of next week, till then i'm on light blogging duties :o)
Some things i've had to endure these last few days ~~
# It's cold and raining

# It's 8pm Thursday night, as i type this i am wearing two jumpers, a pair of shorts and ugg boots, if this isn't a fashion statement nothing is!

#My feet are killing me , my hands are frozen.

# I've been without a mobile phone for 3 weeks tomorrow. It's the 2nd time this year i've had to put it in to be fixed, thankfully this afternoon i received a call to let me know its back and can collect it. I can't begin to imagine how many messages are waiting for me.

#My desktop computer is playing up and will need to go to the geeks to be fixed, this is ok because i have a backup drive that's not been working so it can be fixed also.

# I hate Blogger, it refuses to let me post a photo tonight.

# I am 2 thirds finished my University essay that is due Monday.

# My face will appear alongside a quote in my Universities handbook for next year!

# I spoke to my clients mother today, when she answered her phone and i asked to speak to her"Cindy", she told me that "Cindy" was not there. I answered, well that's a shame because it's Michelle ****** and i'm calling in relation to "Emma's" court case. She then back peddled and said oh, well this is "Cindy"!! She then went on to call me and the arresting police officer every rude word under the sun!!! Man, i love my job! Can't wait for the trial on Moday :o)

# There has been severe illness in my family these past weeks.

# My mother becomes more bizarre everytime i speak to her.

# The last 3 times i've spoken to my mother, she has to quit the call because someone is coming up the drive way and is going to ring her front door bell!

# Do you think my mother is trying to get rid of me?

till next time, Michelle.


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