Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Itrust your weekend is going well, and hope it's not too hot/cold wherever you are in the world. My weekend was filled with finishing my paper for University and preparing for my trial tomorrow. I did make room for some pleasurable activity, wandering around one of my favorite bookshops. I found this quirky book called "Numbers".
It's a collection of some of the most peculiar numbers you could ever wish to find. It captured my attention, and made me laugh out loud at some of the "numbers", i felt compelled to buy it.
Let me share some "numbers" with you :o)

Did you know :
# The USA spends $96 million dollars on nuclear weapons everyday.

#The number of Americans injured everyday by shopping carts..5.

# 59 is the life expectancy of men in Nepal.

# Savings by Air Canada by reducing the number of in flight slices of lemon and lime in 2003 was $68,000.

# Number of years in the average life spent on the toilet.....3

# Americans who claim to have been abducted by aliens....3.7 million!

# Amount spent every year in the UK on breast implants......75 million.

#Average number of USA banks robbed every day ........20.

#Hourly cost to British Taxpayers of Tony Blair......$35 Americandollars

# Decrease, in words, in the vocabulary of the ave 14 yold American in the last half of the century.....10,000.

#Percentage of Australian married men who have sex at least twice a week ......43%

#Percentage of Australian single men who have sex twice a week.........26%.

till next time, Michelle.


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